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Crazy Ideers

What’s our story?

We are Mike and Michele Rohrbacher.  Born and raised on Long Island NY, together since high school and married for 26 years.  Our adult children Derek and Deanna still live on Long Island but we now reside in Tampa, Florida.

Did you see the movie Arthur with Dudley Moore?  There’s a scene where Arthur just bursts out laughing, and he says, “I sometimes just think funny things.”  Well that’s Mike!  He thinks of funny things all day long and started a list of them some time ago and called it his Crazy Ideers.   

Mike sees things in pictures, especially his Crazy Ideers.  We needed an outlet for people to share in the funny things that are in his head.   T-shirts seemed the logical avenue. 

Many, many years ago, he designed his first T-shirt for a family reunion, (The Rohrbachers, We put the FUN in DysFUNctional).  I still have mine. 

The real spark for this business started 2 years ago when our prayers were answered and Mike was approved to be a kidney donor to a friend in Connecticut, Diane Breault.  Mike and I wanted to raise awareness for the Living Donor Program and to raise funds for transplant surgery for Diane & Jeffrey Breault.  So, in our Babylon home we held a fund raiser for the kidney transplant that took place on 8/27/2014.  His first attempt at a Crazy Ideers T-shirt, was on a shirt called, Mike’s Kidney Going Away Party, I wear my heart on my sleeve but my kidney’s in Connecticut.  It depicted a kidney traveling from Babylon, Long Island to Hartford, Connecticut where the transplant surgery would take place.  Clever, huh? 

The fund raiser T-shirts sold out!  We even had people asking for them after the surgery was over.  Oh yeah, and the transplant, a HUGE SUCCESS.  Diane is doing great.  Mike is back to normal, well his normal anyway, and all is well.  Thank GOD!

Over these past months and years Mike has continued to amass things he wants to portray on his Crazy Ideers T-shirts and now that I’m not working my manager job in New York anymore he figures I should run our home based company….another Crazy Ideer!

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